I wish

somtimes I wish I was a kid again. when the hardest decision was to choose what colous was your favourite. there was nothing in the world that couldn't be fixed by mom or dad, nothing to worry about. all that is over now, now I have to make my own decisions about what I want for my future. I don't know! I just want to be happy, but the thing is that being happy isn't easy. some times impossible. what do you do then? I don't know! does anyone? but still growing up is a part of life that you wouldn't want to miss. so what do you do? I don't know, but some how things turn out to be better than you expect them to (not always but most times). so I guess I'll jusst have to live through it, even though it migh hurt a little som times.

Postat av: Mathilda

That is so true my love, life was so much easier when you were little.
Although when you were little, you thaugt you had problems too,like "moom,he took my lollipop!" I mean, that was a Huge problem! or atleast you thaugt so then. ;)

2008-04-28 @ 16:56:55
URL: http://mattahari.blogg.se
Postat av: Hulda

I feel it to. But think how much fun it´ll be in the future! :D You and me in the Swedish soccer team, I mean, that's a nice future, so what to be worried about? Who shouldn't want to be us, with lots of fans and money!
We have our future in our hands, we just have to go and grab it :)

I know you will!

2008-04-28 @ 22:38:07
URL: http://thepinkbird.blogg.se

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